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What Should You Do The Day Before An Online Exam?

Managing online exams with other different tasks can get challenging. Therefore, we are here to tell you how you can manage your exams effectively and not compromise your productivity. If I tell you about my past experiences, I would always panic a day before my online exam. There was always a stressful situation. However, when I got a bit used to online exams, I realized how panicking made the situation worst for me. Today, when I have an exam, I make sure to learn everything beforehand. Believe me, this is the best thing you can do to save yourself from online exam anxiety. Don’t leave even a single question for the last day, because if there is any uncertainty, you won’t get any time to get back to that question.

If you are like me, always under stress a day before your online exam, I have a few tips for you. These tips worked perfectly for me and work for everyone I tell them to. So, stop searching for royal exam help, check out these tips, and stay consistent with the ones that work perfectly for you.

1. Get Your Tech Devices and Tools Ready

The very first thing you need to do when you have an online exam is to check your computer. Check all your tech devices and tools in use a day earlier. Most of the students fail to appear in their online exams because their computers collapse at the very last moment. We know most of them use this reason as an excuse but some are the targets of it for real. We know a student who came to us for exam help just thirty minutes before the exam. His laptop shut down when he was attempting his last question. Therefore, never forget to check all your tech devices beforehand. If you can, keep a spare device with you just in case.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

Guess what panics me the most during my online exam? It is the internet connection. No matter how many times you check your internet connection before your exam, you never know when it can get out of order. What I do is I always keep an extra device with me for such situations. I remember a year back when I had my statistics online exam and during my quiz, the internet went completely off. It took 15 minutes for the connections to get back, but I really saw myself failing the test even though my entire paper went very well. To save yourself from such circumstances, check with your net and make sure to have another plan.

3. Clear All Your Blurry Concepts

If there are some concepts still vague to you and you think you need clarity on them, please don’t wait and get in touch with your professors as soon as you can. What most students do is, they take online exams very easy. These students don’t clear their concepts thinking they’ll take help from friends but end up failing their exam. Remember, during your proctored exam no one will help you; you are your own helping army. So, don’t wait nor expect anyone else to support you. Clear all the blurry concepts you have, you never know what questions your teachers have planned for you.

4. Check Out The Exam Format

There are many ways that course teachers take online exams. Some prefer using a learning management system for that, some prefer Zoom one-to-one sessions, and some ask you to submit your answer sheet in Google Classroom. Therefore, to make sure you are not wasting your time at the eleventh hour, check your exam format a day before your online exam. If you can host a session with your teacher and include all your classmates in it, please do! This one action can save your entire class from stressing out at the last moment.

5. Re-Read The Rules And Guidelines

Rules, regulations and guidelines are different for all classes, all formats and all courses. This is one of the areas you must not overlook or miss out on. If you are not reading your rules and guidelines thinking they will be the same as every time, you might have a hard time later. Keep your ID cards and enrollment cards handy plus all the documents that might have your details. Also, don’t forget to check out the requirements. If one of your exam papers didn’t have the requirement for your seat number, it doesn’t mean others won’t have it too. Therefore, please don’t ignore the rules and guidelines. Read them thoroughly and get all the requirements ready.

6. Plan When You’ll Take the Exam

Almost every online course when allow you to learn and take your online classes at your own pace, they also allow online exam flexibility. You might have a question, what is it? Well, when you have an online exam, this flexibility let you attempt your paper whenever you want. However, there are still restrictions like you can open your exam for once only, and this is why you have to attempt it within the one go but when to attempt it is absolutely your choice. We recommend giving it the shot as soon as possible; however, it totally depends on you.

7. Talk To Your Classmates 

Talking to your classmates can legit pick out all your worries. You can ask some questions from them, host small quizzes with them, share notes, or whatever is workable. This one trick is very helpful because interactions clear a lot of things. They say communication is the key to a successful relationship but in the academic sphere, we say communication is the key to an excellent result. There might be some answers you were learning wrong but communication can tell you the right path. Similarly, there are a lot of problems communicating with your classmates can solve. So, don’t wait and dial your favorite classmate’s number now!

8. Calm Yourself

The most important tip for you today is to please relax! We know exam anxiety is for real and you cannot help but stress out is still not an option. Cool yourself as much as you can and stay quiet. Meditating a day before your exam can bring you peace and calmness. If you can, spend some time with nature. Wake up early in the morning and listen to all the birds chirping. This practice will bring you serenity and you’ll feel light and good the entire day.

9. Take Good Sleep

Last but not least, don’t stay up late at night and cram your essays. Instead, take an early off, munch on some healthy favorite snacks, and sleep early. Being a night owl, stuffing your brain with all your notes won’t help in your paper. However, good sleep and a calm mind definitely will. Try to get at least eight hours of sleep. If insomnia is a problem, listen to some soft music or take a hot bath, but please don’t lose your nerves. You know you are capable enough and have the proficiency to stand out!

Wrapping Up

After all these words and sentences of encouragement, we don’t think you’ll ever fear your online exams. What do you think? Even if you do, keep reminding yourself that you can conquer all your fears. The magic this positive affirmation can create will be matchless. It is not necessary for you to follow all the above online exam help tips. Just check out what works best for you and let us know the results in the comment section. We’d love to hear back from you.

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