What are the 5 advantages and disadvantages of online classes?

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What are the 5 advantages and disadvantages of online classes?

Hey there! New to the entire concept of online classes? Come on board! We can help you understand this new concept. We have ample experience in helping online class takers and online exam takers so you can count on us! This blog helps you understand what online classes are all about and how are they affecting the lives of students. So, if you are planning to switch to an online curriculum, this blog will help you get some clarity. We have listed down a few main advantages and disadvantages of online classes for you so you can decide better! 



There is no doubt in the fact that online classes are way more convenient than physical classes. Thanks to this amazing initiative, students from all over the world are finally paying attention to their academics. Generally, when it comes to selecting a school, there are a lot of factors that you have to consider. The education quality, the expenses, the commute, and whatnot. However, with online classes, you have nothing else to think about other than your academic growth. Since you can take your online classes from the vicinity of your own house, transportation and traveling are no more a headache for you!  


Online classes not only help you save a ton of time but also help you keep up with your academics. Let us tell you how; did you ever have to miss your classes due to an important event? With online classes, you can save your classes by rescheduling them –it is literally this easy! You can get in touch with your teacher and ask them to spare you for one class. This doesn’t mean that you have to miss your class because, with online classes, you can always go for the recorded lectures! Simply ask your teacher to record the session for you so that it is easier for you to catch up later!


Perhaps the main reason why online classes are so popular is that they are far more affordable in comparison to physical classes. On-campus classes require a list of extra charges that you are bound to pay. These charges include the security deposit, the library fee, the amenity charges –and the list goes on. But, let’s be honest here, most of us don’t even bother to use the library because sneaking out with friends is always the better option! With online classes, you can simply ditch all these extra charges since you are now availing of no campus amenities! All these eliminated charges make online classes super affordable and pocket-friendly!

Promotes Skill Development

With virtual learning, you have a lot of room for expanding your skillset and polishing the existing ones. The most basic skills that boost your online learning journey are self-discipline and self-reliance. You must be already aware of the fact that in online classes the role of a teacher is much different than in physical classes. The job of a teacher in online classes is not more than a guide, you have to deal with most of the things on your own. If your priorities revolve around your academic goal, then you would have to become self-reliant and discipline yourself for the sake of your academic growth. Eventually, as you will progress in your career, you will realize that these skills are actually pretty important in order to survive the business world.

Career Growth Opportunities

Are you someone who always wanted to learn more in little time? If yes, then online classes are the perfect choice for you since with them you can always unlock new gateways for success. Since online classes are so flexible and convenient, you can always look for new learning opportunities. Let’s say that you wish to earn a new language alongside your school. With online classes, you for sure can do that! Simply get yourself enrolled in an online language learning course and bring your dreams to reality! Think about the perks of having a foreign language on your resume; a true dream come true!



The concept of online classes has caused students to be in charge of their education. As a result of this new power over their academics, students end up misusing them. We all know that there are certain students who love studying and are very dedicated to their academic goals. On the contrary, there are also students who are just dragging their academics. With online classes, the second group of students becomes even more lenient as they no longer have a watch over them. They keep on procrastinating their work and as a result, it becomes a habit.

Technology Dependence

Although we all know that technology is making lives easy, there are certain things about it that can prove to be harmful. As the world is progressing each day, everything is shifting online. From academics to enjoyment, everything has been packed into a single device. As a result of this, the new generation is finding it really hard to lift their heads up from their devices. They try to find solutions for the tiniest things online instead of using their wits. As a consequence, students are becoming more and more dependent on technology rather than their own skills.  

Health Issues

This technology dependence may not appear to be a huge deal at first since the sole purpose of technology is to make lives easier. However, as time progresses we start to see its side effects on students’ health. When students spend most of their time on gadgets, their eyesight weakens. Also, long online classes make students sit at one spot throughout the entire class. This can sometimes be really tiring and can develop backaches in students from a very early age. This immobility can often result in a number of health-related issues in students.

Lack Of Physical Amenities

Can we all agree that no matter how cool online classes sound, they cannot replace the perks of having on-campus classes? You cannot trade your on-campus experiences that are truly unforgettable, for anything in this world. In physical classes, students can gain access to a lot of amenities such as the library, the laboratory, the playground, etc. Although you can get access to online libraries and even laboratories, however, the physical experience cannot be compared. You have a lot of physical experiences on your campus that you cannot avail yourself of online. Students are deprived of all these amazing on-campus amenities when it comes to online classes.  

Loss Of Interest

With online classes, students often tend to get bored and skip out of the classes as a result of this boredom. In severe cases, students even drop out of their entire courses because they feel exhausted by the constant monotony. In physical classes, teachers always stay mindful of keeping students’ focus intact by refreshing them every now and then. However, in online classes, there are no such means to keep a constant observation of students’ focus. Moreover, online classes are more about theoretical work than practical work, unlike physical on-campus classes. Thus, once again, the lack of practical work involvement can also lead to students losing their interest in their academics as a whole.

Lastly, we realize that online classes can be a little too overwhelming at times. We know that as someone who is just getting familiar with this concept, you might face some difficulties. However, we want you to know that you are not alone, there are hundreds of other students just like you. We care about you and your academic journey which is why we are always here for you. Our Exam Website is the ultimate one-stop solution for all online classes and online exam takers. So, if you are still having some trouble deciding what is best for your academic journey, come to us! Exam Website is always happy to help you!

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